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Estate Planning Tips

25 Things You Can Do To Get Your Estate In Order

One of the greatest gifts you can leave your survivors is an organized estate. The time you spend now will help your loved ones to cope later, and also will ensure your wishes will be carried out.  Here is a simplified checklist to help you get started on organizing your estate, and depending on your individual situation, you might discover other items to be addressed.  It's a good idea to discuss your plans with your loved ones and the executor of your will.  You'll also want to consult with your legal, financial and tax advisors.

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8 Of The Most Common Objectives That Influence A Couple’s Estate Plan

If you asked ten different couples what their estate planning objectives are, you would probably receive ten different answers. However, upon deeper probing, you would discover that most married couples share the same basic estate planning objectives. Knowing these objectives help both the couple and their estate planner determine what might be the best way to structure their estate plan.

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