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Traditional Family Planning

Married couples of all ages with children.


Non-Traditional Family Planning

For the purposes of planning, a non-traditional family is any family unit that has at its center a partnership other than a legally married, opposite-sex couple.

While we can imagine a whole host of family arrangements that may also be considered non-traditional (such as a single parent with children, siblings living together, separated couples who choose not to divorce, etc.), the following non-traditional families face particular challenges due to inconsistent and lacking legal recognition of their family status:

  • same-sex or non-traditional gender partners who are prohibited by law from marrying;
  • same-sex or non-traditional gender partners who are legally married according to a state’s law;
  • opposite-sex partners who choose not to marry for any number of reasons.

Blended Family Planning

Can be both single and married couples who have been married in the past with children.


Single/Individual Planning

Planning for success.