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Where problem solving for estate planning lives.


Your family and assets are dynamic and subject to change. Your estate plan needs to change with it.


By specializing in estate planning our skills and training are uniquely focused to deliver customized solutions efficiently and with better results than other firms that try to be everything to everyone.  Problem solving is at our firms core value and is paramount to building client relationships that are lifelong. Legacy planning is not what we leave behind; it's what you pass along to the ones you love the most.




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Areas of Legacy Planning

Business Succession Planning

How to avoid common succession planning mistakes.

IRA Beneficiary PlanninG

How to avoid common beneficiary designation mistakes.

Healthcare and Medicare Planning

How to avoid common mistakes that are made when applying for government programs.

Social Security Planning

How to avoid making common social security claiming benefits mistakes.

Asset Allocation Planning

How to avoid creating mistakes when making allocation decisions for your important money.

Income Tax Planning

How to avoid making common mistakes when trying to reduce your income tax liabilities.

IRA/Roth Conversion Planning

How to avoid common mistakes when converting IRA money into tax free Roth Money.

Elder Care Planning

How to avoid making crucial mistakes when applying for government assistance.


Let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning.
— Winston Churchill